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Basic Knowledge of Diesel Generating Set
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The basic knowledge of diesel generator, we need to know the information!Huaquan Power as the diesel generator manufacturers will introduce the basic knowledge of diesel generators and share with you, hoping to be able to help everyone.

First, what are the basic systerm of the diesel generator set?
(1) oil lubrication system;(2) fuel system; (3) control and protection system; (4)cooling system; (5) exhaust system; (6) starting system

Second, the diesel generator standardby power, active power, rated power, maximum power,economic power and relationship?

A: The standard by power is KVA, our country is used to express transformers and UPS (UPS is English abbreviation of Uninterruptiable Power Supply, translated into uninterruptible power supply.) Its basic function is: electricity interruption power supply, can not Intermittent power supply capacity. 2. Active power for the apparent power of 0.8 times, the unit is KW, China used to power generation equipment and electrical equipment.

3. The rated power of a diesel generator set is the power that can be continuously operated for 12 hours.

4. The maximum power is 1.1 times the rated power, but only allowed to use 1 hour within 12 hours.

5. Economic power is 0.75 times the rated power, this is the diesel generator sets no limited by the long-term operation of the output power.Under the operation with this power, the lowest fuel consumption, the lowest failure rate.

Third, how to calculate the best power rate(economic power)?

A: P = 3/4 * P rated (ie 0.75 times the rated power)

Four, three-phase generator power factor is how much? Can I add a power compensator to improve the power factor?

A: The power factor is 0.8. You cannit add the power compensator, because the capacitor charge and discharge will lead to small power fluctuations and unit oscillation.

Fifth, why the new machine need change the oil and filter after a period of working!

A: Because the new machine in the run-in period is bound to impurities into the oil pan, so that oil and oil filter material changes or chemical qualitative change.
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Sixth, why the installation of diesel generating units, the exhaust pipe to tilt down 5-10 degrees?

A: mainly to prevent rain into the smoke pipe, leading to major accidents.

Seven, why the requirements of the use of diesel generating units must air smooth?

A: The diesel engine's output is directly affected by the amount of air inhaled and the air quality, and the generator must have sufficient air to cool. So the use of the site must be air smooth.

Eight, how to identify fake and shoddy domestic diesel engine?

A: first check whether if have the factory certificate and product certification,the diesel engine factory "proof of identity" is necessary. Check the three numbers on the certificate

1. nameplate number

2. Body number (in kind on the flywheel end of the mechanical processing of the plane, the font is convex);

3. Pump nameplate number. Check the three numbers and the actual number on the diesel engine, must be accurate. Such as the discovery of doubt can be the three numbers reported to the factory verification.

Nine, why not allow diesel generators to run for less than 50% of rated power for long periods of time.

A: During the operation of less than 50% of rated power, diesel generator unit oil consumption increases, diesel engine easy to charcoal, increase the failure rate, shorten the overhaul cycle.

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