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An overview of biogas power generation systems
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An overview of biogas power generation systems

Form the main equipment of biogas power generation systems and biogas engine, generator and heat recovery unit. Biogas desulfurization agent by the supply of natural gas engine, storage tank so as to promote and methane engine generator to produce electricity. Biogas engine heat source used for cooling water recovery and engine exhaust gas. From collecting ring to cow dung digestion tank and the secondary digestion tank, biogas generated from the digester by desulfurizer first into the spherical storage tank, and into the biogas power generation equipment. Methane biogas engine fuel must be higher than 50%, the content of the removal of unnecessary co2, because a small amount of carbon dioxide in the engine, stable work, reduce the toxic substances in waste gas. Exhaust gases from electricity generation system into the heat exchanger, heat release and used for heating livestock waste anaerobic fermentation, in order to improve the rate of the emergence of biogas.

Second, the characteristics of biogas for internal combustion engine

Methane burning point between 640 ~ 840 degrees. C, in an airtight conditions and air mixing ratio is 1/120 ~ 1/7 of the fire ignition. Therefore, it can be used to make the engine work. Biogas theoretical combustion temperature is 1807.2 to 1945.5 degrees, due to carbon dioxide and methane gas mixture, flame propagation speed is low, so the effect of internal combustion engine has good resistance to blast.

Three, biogas engine equipment

Use methane gas single fuel natural gas engines in China and part of using biogas dual-fuel biogas diesel engines.

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